Beartown by Fredrick Backman *Review by Caroline*

Beartown: A Novel: Backman, Fredrik: 9781501160769: Amazon.com: Books

Set in a small northern town located in a place where perpetual winter encompasses its inhabitants most months of the year and the only real bright spot comes in the form of their beloved youth hockey team. Beartown Ice Hockey Club is the pride of the town. They have coaxed back a former NHL pro who grew up in their club to come home and resurrect the fledgling program as the coach. As they prepare for the upcoming National Championship game, in which they are favored to win it all and bring the town back to glory, an event takes place that scatters the townspeople in all directions as if a bomb had exploded.

As the fallout begins, the people of the town are forced to look in the mirror and determine what is really most important to them individually and as a community. How much are they willing to let those who they’ve put on a pedestal get away with? Are they willing to sacrifice their collective identity and a chance at glory in order to do what’s right and hold the guilty responsible?

This book could be set in any small, sports obsessed town in America. It explores all the great things that brings to a community as well as what is detrimental when winning is the most important thing.

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The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins *Review by Cat*

The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins

This Birmingham, Alabama town is your typical over-priced suburban neighborhood filled with housewives who have more money than they will ever actually need in one lifetime. At least that’s what Jane, the new dog walker in town who is trying to reinvent herself, thinks. In between taking a few items the wives will surely never miss, partly to pawn, and partly just because she can; Jane starts to realize there might be more under the surface of this world she doesn’t quite understand yet.

One day while out dog walking Jane has a fateful encounter with the town’s most charming, handsome, and slightly mysterious recent widower, Eddie. She instantly falls for him and sees this as her opportunity to move up in the world, but as she tries learning more about Eddie, and navigating the gossip surrounding Thornfield Estates, can she keep her own skeletons buried?

As time goes on Jane learns more about Eddie’s past wife, Bea, and her best friend Blanche who both died in a mysterious boating accident. It doesn’t sit right with Jane though, and she feels like she can still feel the ghost of Bea in the big mansion, and some days she feels like she’s heard something upstairs. As Jane dives deeper into Bea’s past she may get more than she bargained for, is this man who swept her off her feet who she thought he was?

The Wife Upstairs will give you strong female characters, murder, mystery , and a twist all of Thornfield Estates would never suspect. Will it all come to light in the end, will Jane get her happy ending she’s been searching for, and will the ghost of Bea Rochester stay buried? Find out in what EW calls “Compulsively readable…a gothic thriller laced with arsenic.”

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