Our Library works hard to build programs and activities for all ages from babies – seniors!

Children can enjoy our Story Times dedicated to helping them gain the early literacy and social skills needed to learn and grow. Teens can participate in Anime Club, Universal Yums, and various programs just for them throughout the year. Adults have access to many activities and services, including Craft Club, Book Clubs, Tech Talks, and more.

Program Color Key:  Adult                 Teen                Kids 
*Click on each age group to see programs just for them!

Wednesdays @ 11:00 a.m. In-Person Storytime
Join us in person at the library every Wednesday!

TLC Tuesdays @ 10:00 a.m. on Facebook Live

July 1, 2:00pm – Ecokits: Build your own Microcosm 

Create an enclosed aquatic ecosystem that allows you to observe animal life cycles.  Registration required, please call 304-295-7771, or see the front desk staff to register.

July 6, 11:00am – Stuffed Animal Parade

brown bear plush toy beside pair of toddler s brown and white shoes on ground in selective focus photography

Parade from the library parking lot and around the track at Neale with your favorite stuffed animal. Kids may walk or ride a bike or scooter. Feel free to dress up. (No registration necessary)

July 6, 5:00pm – Animal Paint-by-Number

woman painting mandala design on a white paper

Join us in person for an animal themed paint-by-number session! Limited grab-n-go kits will be available and we will have a brief demonstration on Facebook Live. Registration required.

July 8, 2:00pm – Ecosystem Acrylic Pour Painting

pink black and yellow abstract painting

Learn to make an acrylic pour painting inspired by your favorite ecosystem (desert, forest, ocean, arctic). Registration required.

July 13, 2:00pm – Cartoonist Jeff Nicholas

gray and black alien drawing

Jeff Nicholas entertains his audience with fun “draw along” animal characters and their many wild tales (and tails)! Registration required, please call 304-295-7771, or see the front desk staff to register.

July 15, 2:00pm – Puppy Playtime at the Library

two yellow labrador retriever puppies

Learn about 3 different dog breeds, and get to play with them too.  Please bring a Humane Society donation item for our donation drive if you can. Registration required.

July 20, 2:00pm – Animal Lego Challenge

wood creativity child game

Kids create an animal out of Legos. Either a mosaic or 3-D. Examples will be provided or they can create their very own. Registration required.

July 22, 6:30pm – Adult Book Club: Beach Read

July 22, 2:00pm – Interactive Food Web & Food Chain Game

abstract close up cobweb connection

Can your chosen animal survive the harsh winter of the American North?  Can they outsmart a predator to stay alive? Join us for a fun game day at the library.  Registration required.

July 26, 11:00am – Adult Christian Fiction Book Club: The Mockingbird’s Song

July 28, 10:00am – Adult Christian Fiction Book Club: The Mockingbird’s Song

July 29, 2:00 pm – Animal Scavenger Hunt & MarioKart Tournament Pizza Party 

focus photo of super mario luigi and yoshi figurines

Can you find all the animals on the list?  Get them all and you win a prize!  Are you the fastest driver in all of Mushroom Kingdom?  Do you love Pizza?  The library is the place to be!  Registration required.